Сиемреап - Funky Flashpacker

Общие 8.4
Персонал 8.6
Местоположение 8.7
Чистота 8.2
Удобства 8.4
Comfort 8.0
Стоимость 8.4

About the place Хостел

Funky Flashpacker Hostel is the largest party hostel in Siem Reap. We have 31 rooms & nearly 200 beds, so there’s always enough people to throw an awesome party!
Funky Flashpacker is a party hostel. We have 2 bars, live DJs, all day music & lots of parties! We really hope you enjoy your stay with us & have the time of your life!
We play music throughout the day & sometimes the music is turned up loud!
We also serve a range of food & drinks at great prices. Our kitchen serves food 24 hrs a day.

Комната для багажа/камера хранения
Кафе на месте
Запирающиеся шкафчики
Плавательный бассейн
Ночной(ые) клуб(ы) на месте
Бар(ы)/паб(ы) на месте

Social and fun

The FASTEST WiFi in Siem Reap, a great LED lit pool, Balcony Terraces, Rooftop Sky Bar / Dining Area with 360° panoramic views, a Cinema, world-class murals and the famous 'Chunky Sound system'.. which puts some real power behind our parties!!
With a kitchen built to a European standard, this is the ultimate hostel for 'foodies'.. So be prepared to have your taste buds blown with our exciting international menu!! Vegan, Vegetarian ,GF & Nut free food.

Информация и цены


How to get there

Address: 319 Funky Lane, Steung Thmey Village, Svay Dangkum Commune, 17252, Сиемреап, Камбоджа
We’re located less than half a kilometer away from the famous Old Market and Pub Street area and within walking distance to most attractions located in the town.
We are only a few kilometres from the Siem Reap International Airport and Angkor Wat temple complex.

Important information

In times of uncertainty and your peace of mind, we recommend you select a flexible rate with free cancellation. If your plans change, you can always cancel free of charge until the cancellation expires.

A deposit is required from all guests upon check in. Room = $50 and Dorm = $20. If no items are damaged or missing, your deposit will be refunded.
Please note that we play loud music throughout the day.

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