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To you dear guest,We offer you a unique experience of mind-body harmony and well being based on the holistic concept of Aayurveda. Aayurveda is the science of life, which is universal. It has its roots in the ancient Vedic science and has been codified originally in Sanskrit 1000 BC. The recipes of the medicines prescribed are from the original Aayurvedic text. They are evidence based. The World Health Organization at its 30th World Health Assembly, has accepted Aayurveda to be beneficial.AAYURVEDA CENTRE. The activities at our Aayurveda centre are based on the practical application and acceptability of the Philosophical and…

To you dear guest,

We offer you a unique experience of mind-body harmony and well being based on the holistic concept of Aayurveda.

Aayurveda is the science of life, which is universal. It has its roots in the ancient Vedic science and has been codified originally in Sanskrit 1000 BC. The recipes of the medicines prescribed are from the original Aayurvedic text. They are evidence based. The World Health Organization at its 30th World Health Assembly, has accepted Aayurveda to be beneficial.


The activities at our Aayurveda centre are based on the practical application and acceptability of the Philosophical and Theoretical concept of Aayurveda by foreign guest. They have been programmed by a competent authority, academically qualified in Aayurveda. Some of the unique and salient features are: -

v Doctor consultation of every guest by a doctor prior to treatment.

v The mode of treatment and objective are made known to the guest before commencement of treatment.

v The therapist is made aware of the therapies to be given in the presence of the guest to enhance trust and confidence.

v Case records of guests are well-maintained daily and filed for future reference. The case record includes: chief complaint, clinical findings based on Aayurveda, treatment and diet.

v The assessment of the individuality of a guest (Prakruti Pareeksha) is unique and informative. Not only do we identify the ratio of the three doshas but we also advice them of risk factors, disease proneness and daily regimen to sustain mind-body harmony for the future.


v Accommodates local and foreign residential guests 1-3 week package. One-day treatment may be scheduled at the discretion of the chief consultant.

v The overall health case approach is twofold: -

A) An initial acclimatization-orientation procedure with appropriate therapeutic modules and medicines are prescribed for three to four days - this would enable guest to become familiar to the alternative treatment procedure.

B) Specific treatment procedures with appropriate Therapeutic modules, Evidenced based medicines and Diet is prescribed subsequently. The guest is made aware (transparency) of the daily regimen or the do’s and don’ts.

v Basically the internal treatment producers adopted are to: -

1. Detoxify or to neutralize morbid factors in the body.
2. Purify or to cleanse the body of toxins by Nasya, Virechana, Vasti.
3. Augment bio-availability of medicines prescribed through Aayurvedic specifics.
4. Rejuvenate and enhance immunity through Aayurvedic antioxidants.
5. Control weight gain.
6. Control stress through mental relaxation.

v The traditional medicinal preparation is in the form of herbal wines, decoctions syrups, powder, pills and external applications. They are from natural resources and are made to standards of Good Manufacturing Practices.

The therapies are well trained to serve with efficiency and dedication. Male and female therapies strictly attend on male and female guests respectively in well-equipped cabins.

v There are many causes that disturb the mental and physical well being of a person. Depending on the constitutional traits the same case could produce varied Symptoms and signs in different individuals.

v Considering the service of the clinical condition its duration and the period of stay at the centre we treat.

Acne, Arthritis, Backache, Brachial Neuritis, Colitis, Constipation, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Dandruff, Eczema, Falling Of Hair, Gastritis, Halitosis, High Blood Pressure, Insomnia, Neuritis, Obesity, Pleurodynia, Piles, Peptic Ulcer, Rheumatism, Sinusitis, Stress, Sore Throat, Sciatica, Tinnitus, Throat Infection.

v We provide a wide range of external therapy modules and the Doctor identifies and prescribes those that are specific.


01) Abhyanga.

The body or parts of the body are massage with medicated oil. It is soothing, relives tiredness and fatigue. Relives neuro-muscular complaints. Enhance luster of the skin. We also perform Synchronize body massage.

02) Udvartana.

Medicinal powder or specially prepared oils are used. The direction of the massage is towards the heart. Specially performed to reduce weight.

03) Pizichil.

Cotton bolus dipped in warm-medicated oil is squeezed constantly over the body and massaged. A hot water bath is given after the massage. It is rejuvenating and relieves neuromuscular disorders.

04) Parishekha.

Medicated fluids, oils, milk are used. The fluid is made to pass through a number of holes in a vessel on the body of guest. The fluid may be cold or lukewarm. This type of medicated affusion wards off weakness in the body relieves redness or burning sensation of the body and it is soothing the skin.

05) Shirodhaara.

It is a process to ensure a continuous, steady flow of medicated oil, milk or buttermilk on the forehead of the guest. A special vessel in which fluid is contained is suspended above the head of the guest. The stream of the fluid flows through a single small hole at the bottom of the vessel. This therapy relieves stress headache, poor sleep.

06) Avagaaha Sweda.

The guest is advised to sit in the tub after a hip massage with medicated oil. The tub bath is filled up to the waist / chest of the guest with herbal decoction. The liquid should be comfortably warmed. This type of hipbath is good for sciatica, urinary disorders and lower back pain.

07) Pinda Sweda.

Pinda Sweda is a special type of fomentation done with the help of bolus. Depending on the symptoms the bolus are prepared with milk rice (Paayas Pinda Sweda) or herbal (Patra Pinda Sweda) or medical powder. Relieves pain and swelling and stiffness of joints.

08) Vaashpa Sweda. (Steam Bath)

The patient is advised to lie down in a specially constructed chamber. Steam from the decoction of herbs is made to circulate in the chamber and the guest is made to perspire. Indicated for sciatica, over weight, arthritis. Relieves toxins from the body.

9) Choorna Sweda.

Powdered medicinal herbs, lemon, rock salt and oil are warmed and made in to bolus for fomentation over painful areas after the application of medicated oil. Indicated for Arthritis, neuritis and painful area, stiff joints.

10) Naadi Sweda.

Medicated herbs are boiled in a vessel with a cover and steam is carefully directed through the nozzle of a tube over affected localized area. Relieves stiffness of joints.

11) Kati Vasti.

Dough is prepared with black gram powder and water. The guest is advised to lie down in a prone position and a trough is made with the dough over the lumbosacral region. The trough is filled with medicated oil and is kept for 20-30min. indicated for sciatica, lumbago.
12) Urovasti.

The guest is advised to lie down in supine position and a trough is made with black gram powder dough on the chest. Medicated oil is filled and is kept for 20-30min. indicated for painful conditions of the chest.

13) Sirovasti.

Lukewarm herbal oils are poured into a cap placed on the head and is held for 15-30min. Effective for facial paralysis, severe headache dry scalp, falling of hair.

14) Akshitarpana.

Medicated ghee is kept over the eyes for 05-10min in small trough made of black gram dough. Indicated for irritable eyes. Xeropthalmia weakness of the optic nerve.

15) Gandoosha / Kavalagraha.

A decoction or infusion is prepared with herbs. The guest is requested to gargle the month or fill the oral cavity and retain it for 02-03min. the fluid can then be spat out. It relieves inflammation of the oral cavity, strengthens the gums and cures certain oral infection.

16) Pichu.

A price of cloth or gauze is folded and dipped in medicated oil. This is placed on the affected area. Relieves dryness or inflammation of the scalp, stiffness or joint and skin affection.

17) Head massage.

Head massage is done with medicated oils. It nourishes the scalp and improve growth of hair. Relieves headache relives stress and induces natural sleep.

18) Face Massage.

Face massage is gentle and soothing. It cleanses skin, nourishes the muscles and enhance complexion. Relieves spasms of the face muscle, special face packs are used to enhance the texture of the skin and remove blemishes.

19) Neck and Shoulder Massage.

This massage is performed with special medicated oils to relieve spasms and painful conditions of the neck and shoulder often due to the stress, frozen shoulder.

20) Back Massage.

Painful conditions of the upper back or lower back results from various causes. Special massage techniques are adopted with specific oils. Relieves lumbago spondylitis sciatica.
21) Upper and Lower Limb Massage.

Massage for upper, lower limb are done for painful conditions of the muscles and joints. Relieves tennis elbow, carpel tunnel syndrome, rheumatic pain of joints.

22) Palm / Foot Massage.

Well-trained therapist perform the palm / foot massage with due attention to certain pressure points and massage techniques. Relieves stress, induces relaxation and natural sleep.

23) Footbath.

The guest is requested to immerse the feet in warm herbal water for a stipulated time. It is invigoration, refreshing and induces sleep.

24) Herbal Bath.

Selected herbs are needed to prepare herbal bath. They remove toxins, relieve tiredness and are invigoration.

25) Flower Bath.

Flower bath is a serene episode that marks the finale. The guest is requested to dip into a tub carved of a single rock. It is filled with clear water and fragrant flowers. The guest experiences tranquility and the gentle healing “touch” of Aayurveda… to be remembered.

v Physical exercise (Vyaayaama) is a mode of treatment mentioned under neutralizing (Samana) therapy. A decent Gymnasium offers selected procedures to enhanced well-being.

v A well-maintained Swimming pool at the health centre provides recreation in a healthy way.

v Yoga is an integral part of Aayurveda, which enhance the quality of life. Trained persons give instructions.

v The serenity of the herbal centre in achieving a state of mind-body harmony is further augmented by soft music and the enchanting landscape with waterfalls.

v Periodic lecture, explaining the true perspective of Aayurveda are delivered by well-qualified Aayurvedic doctors. Periodic refresher courses are given to therapists to enhance their efficiency.

v The guest is given a discharge card, which gives all relevant after treatment

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